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Assaya is a medical technology company that is revolutionizing rapid diagnostics by offering affordable, equitable diagnostics at scale with real-time reporting. Their mission is to provide reliable, augmented, practical, and inexpensive diagnostics (RAPID), deployable anywhere, anytime, identifying biomarkers and pathogens in near real-time. Assaya aims to shift people from illness to wellness, and prevent the spread of disease, in a sustainable and ethically responsible manner.

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AVAcore Technologies, Inc.

AVAcore Technologies is a medical device company innovating novel non-invasive device-based therapeutics for core patient warming applications such as hypothermia associated with surgery under general anesthesia. Additionally, the company is pursuing novel device-based therapies for acute pain management. The company was incorporated by co-founders Dr. Craig Heller and Dr. Dennis Grahn of the Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University. Both are world leaders in the field of thermoregulation.

Mother Goose Logo.png

Mother Goose Health

Mother Goose Health offers an innovative care management model that seamlessly integrates with ob/gyn practices, creating a collaborative ecosystem that aligns both incentives and desired outcomes across payers, providers, and patients. Their mission is to save the lives of mothers and babies by proactively addressing disproportionate risk, care gaps, and social determinants with a human touch, supported by technology.


Physio AI

Physio AI is developing the Ikhana™ platform, representing a paradigm shift in health care. By bridging the gap between wearable technology and clinical insights, Ikhana sets a new standard for remote patient monitoring and personalized health care management. Whether it's optimizing menopausal health, managing Parkinson's symptoms, or monitoring cardiac function, Ikhana empowers health care providers with actionable insights to improve patient outcomes.


Premier Medical USA Corporation 

Premier Medical USA Corporation is a world leader in developing and manufacturing diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. It has a global network of scientists and researchers that assist their in-house staff in development activities. The manufacturing side of the operation leverages more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing rapid diagnostic tests around the world. 


Vas Med Tech

Vas Med Tech specializes in medical device development and is actively working on FlexiGyn™ for better access to women's health care. Specializing in novel endoscopic medical device development, FlexiGyn empowers health care professionals by streamlining and automating a doctor’s workflow through low-cost, handheld devices powered by 360° practice management software to accelerate access to women’s health care.

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VITia is a startup company founded by seasoned health care and life science professionals who introduced several novel health interventions to the market and specialize in AI-enabled health solutions for managing chronic conditions. VITia relieves patients from treatment pain bureaucracy and health care ecosystem complexities, providing personalized solutions, AI insights, and rewards.



Vitasenti is a biotechnology startup focused on developing a biosensor stack based on the graphene field effect transistor (GFET). Their team includes Ricardo Silva, PhD, an accomplished expert in the field of medicine and science; Ricardo Bravo, who is pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering researching GFET technology; Eric Barrett, PhD, a scientist with experience building and managing labs; and John Brunnings, an experienced technologist with a background in software development in the consumer space.

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